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What We Do

Cabinet Design

We design kitchens for any budget. Our experience in working with all types of clients is second to none.

Countertop Design

We have a strong portfolio of different countertops from granite to butcher block and everything in between.

Floor Design

It fun topics for essays would only make sense that we would offer a complete line of floor coverings to put a bow on your kitchen design.

Our Process

Dream & Meet
Idea & Concept
Design & Create
Build & Install
Dream & Meet

You dream it first. THEN we meet and go over your dreams of the perfect kitchen for you and your home. Remember, this is YOUR dream so dream BIG! We’ll talk cabinets, flooring and countertop options that will fit your budget as well as keep your dream alive.

Idea & Concept

The next step is to really dive in. Remember, this is YOUR dream we’re setting out to fulfill. We’ll talk about your living habits in and around your kitchen area. Will this be an open concept or will there be an island? How big will your sink be? How DEEP will your sink be? Are you looking for a kitchen from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous or a simple kitchen more conducive to North Idaho? We’re good with either one and all designs in between.

Design & Create

For the most part, this step you get to take a rest and leave it up to our team to start making YOUR dream a reality. We’ve got a full team of professionals in place that have the qualifications to create your dream kitchen. We will design a kitchen based on our earlier discussions and continue showing you until you’re completely satisfied that we’ve nailed what you’ve envisioned. Sometimes this takes a few drafts but many times we get it the first time! Once we get your approval, the magic really begins!

Build & Install

And now the magic of complete transformation begins. We have a team of professionals that will build and install every aspect of the design you approved. Since we’ll be there every step of the way, it is a seamless process from start to finish. All of our team are on the same page and that means we’ll be on time and on budget. We will orchestrate the timing of the floors, cabinets and countertops with a symphony of skill and artistry. When the last of the dust has been cleaned the sparkle of your gem that is YOUR new kitchen will overtake you with a flood of emotions that can only be described as epic.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I'm always impressed with the service Rich provides!

Patrick S.

The team at 3D Kitchens by Design came in and over delivered within our budget!

James P.

My wife and I have done kitchen renovations before and never have they finished on time until we worked with 3D Kitchens by Design!  I totally recommend your services!

Michael D.

I was so tired of working in a very outdated kitchen.  Rich came in with his team and provided me with a kitchen I will embrace using for many years to come.

Sharon M.